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Partner Contribution: Waterloo Public Library

Waterloo Public Library is pleased to once again participate in World Refugee Day activities in the Region. We believe public libraries can play an important role in the settlement process of newcomers and we are proud to offer services, resources and information to facilitate the transition of individuals and families to life in Canada.

In collaboration with the KW Multicultural Centre and Kitchener Public Library, WPL is pleased to host a series of engaging film and speaker sessions throughout the month of June in honour of World Refugee Day. At each event, audiences will have the opportunity to view award winning documentaries detailing the experiences of refugee communities around the world. Following the films, speakers will parallel the experiences of those featured in the films to those of from similar refugee communities who have settled in Waterloo Region. We anticipate these sessions will be open, enlightening and engaging online gambeling conversations. Preregistration is not required for this free event. 

June 5th, 6:30pm Waterloo Public Library, Main Library – Moving to Mars, featuring speakers: Eh Taw Boe  Wai and Hser Ta Kay

Follow two families as they flee a refugee camp in Burma and establish new lives in the United Kingdom.


June 11th, 6:30pm Waterloo Public Library, Main Library – Last Chance, featuring speaker: Mandy Cowan

Refugees from around the world seek asylum in Canada to escape the persecution they have faced as a result of their sexual orientations.


June 19th, 6:30pm Waterloo Public Library, Main Library – Rain in a Dry Land, featuring speaker: Rahmah  Omar

Bantu families persecuted in their native Somalia arrive in urban America with hope for the future.


June 28th, 2:00pm Kitchener Public Library, Central Location – Everybody’s Children, featuring speakers: Wendy Adema and Eltag Elkhalifa

Follow a year in the life to two teenage refugees who have fled their home countries to establish new lives in Ontario.


Knowing the richness of culture, ideas and literature brought to Canada by refugees, we are also pleased to share our June featured titles honouring World Refugee Day. This collection of recommended titles offers both fiction and non-fiction accounts of refugee experiences from many different countries. From the newest releases of Ishmael Beah and Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche to current events chronicles of  today’s refugee crises, this list is full of must reads for those interested in global conflict, migration and refugee issues. All titles listed are available through Waterloo Public Library.

– Laura; Manager, Branches, WPL

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