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Partner Contribution: Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support

I am new to immigration, refugee and settlement related work. Through schooling I am completing a six-month placement at the Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support (MCRS), a local grassroots organization that supports refugee claimants in the refugee claim process. My time at MCRS has given me the chance to learn a great deal about a population that is seldom thought about in our day-to-day lives. Refugees come to Canada under extreme circumstances and hardships. There is a great deal of strength and resilience in these newcomers that I have been allowed to witness on a daily basis in the office.

 I have also seen great compassion and dedication from our volunteers in helping refugee claimants with the process. We are a small office and could not do the work we do without the amazing help from our volunteers. In April, as part of national volunteer week, we invited our volunteers for a night out to say THANK YOU for all the work that they do. We also created a video as to why MCRS volunteers are proud to protect refugees. It is fantastic to see the dedication they have to the fact that “no one chooses to be a refugee.”

 Through the help of not only MCRS’s volunteers but also countless other community organizations, we are getting ready to celebrate the upcoming World Refugee Day. I am looking forward for KW’s World Refugee Day (a.k,a month) Celebrations,  that recognizes the courage and strength of people forced to feel their homes, as I have had the opportunity to see this first hand.

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 – Fran